Spiritual adventures

Excursions and safaris in the protectorate of St. Catherine

Activities by Daniela

From Daniela Village St. Katherine we start different treks and safaris, organized depending on the customer’s request and needs. There is adventure and climbing, relaxation and meditation, religious purposes or just walking and trekking.
The levels of the trips go from easy to tough, the length of the trips go from a couple of hours to a 14 days desert adventure.

We arrange all your trips from the hotels Daniela St. Catherine or Daniela Dahab and back.
Please let us know which places you would like to visit and we will prepare you a program accordingly.

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If you want to visit the many holy places that the Sinaï Peninsula has to offer, our guides can lead you to quiet places for prayer and reflection. Beyond the many religious places found around the Monastery of St. Catherine and on the top of Jebel Musa (Mt. Sina) and Jebel Safsafa, there are many other churches, monasteries and holy places in the area. The most notable ones are:

  • Chapel of St. Catherine
  • The Basilica of the Transfiguration
  • Chapel of the Burning Bush
  • Well of Moses
  • Monastery's Library
  • Monastery's Garden
  • Hajar Musa in Wadi el Arbain (Mount Moses)
  • Monastery of the Forty Martyrs in Wadi el Arbain
  • Monastery of Cosmas and Damianos in Wadi Talaa
  • Chapel of Saint John Klimakos in Wadi Itlah
  • Monastery of Wadi Feiran
  • Monastery of El Tur
  • Monastery of Ramhan
  • Monastery of Hodra
  • Tombs of local saints such as Sheikh Harun, Sheikh Salah, Sheikh Awad and Sheikh Ahmed

St. Catherine, it’s Monastery and Mount Sinaï

Visit St. Catherine and St. Catherine’s Monastery, the oldest continuously inhabited monastery in the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Climb Mt. Sinaï (Mountain Moses), the mountain where ‘God spoke to Moses’, and enjoy the view at sunrise or sunset.

4x4 Jeep Desert Safari through the Colored Canyon

Enjoy a day of adventure between 4X4 Desert ride and hiking through the desert of Sinai to experience the silence and and hidden pathes of Canyons, Wadis and Oasis.

Petra (Jordan), the ancient city carved out of rock

Discover the treasures of the Old City of Petra and run through the trails of Laurence of Arabia in Wadi rum or swim in the dead sea; a perfect combination to your relaxing stay with us.

Cairo, the Pyramids and the Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Only a couple of hours away you can visit one of the seven wonders and highlight of Egypt. Visit the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian museum and the metropolis of Cairo.