Scuba diving with IAHD for handicapped divers

Daniela is a partner of the International Association for Handicapped Divers. The Daniela diving team has IAHD certified instructors.

IAHD's main goals are promoting, developing and executing scuba diving courses for the physically and mentally disabled and for instructors who intend to train such people. Additional goals include the organisation of diving holidays for the physically and mentally disabled and the inspection of dive sites and facilities for suitability for physically and mentally disabled divers. IAHD continues to strive to improve facilities at dive locations in order to facilitate access for disabled divers. The ultimate aim of the IAHD is to enable disabled people to enjoy the same level of quality (dive) training programs, certifications and diving adventures as able-bodied people.

We offer the following options for diving with IAHD:

Go Diving with IAHD

  • Daily Diving
  • Diving Courses