Dahab is a small Bedouine-village on the south-eastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The word Dahab means gold in Arabic and could be a reference to gold washing down form the mountains to the location where the town was eventually built or to the colour of the sand at the south of Dahab.

Dahab was a Bedouin fishing village. Dahab later developed from a hippy village to one of South Sinai's most treasured and popular diving destinations. Dahab is famous for it's special spirit: a mixture of deep relaxation and exciting adventures with local culture in one of the most beautiful areas of the world.

Restaurants and shops in Dahab

Dahab has a variety of beach bars and seafood restaurants along the waterfront of the down-town tourist area, known as Masbet. They serve seafood and oriental as well as international meals, with red snapper, calamari and lobster being highlights. Those who would like to taste the Egyptian cooking and Bedouin-style seafood should not hesitate to dine in a typical restaurant and eat tasty dishes like Parsley salad, falafel, the national dish foul (green beans), tahina (sesame sauce) or babaganoug (mashed egg-plant with garlic).

Dahab is full of typical souvenir shops and bazaars selling typical Egyptian souvenirs such as hubble-bubbles, carpets, spices and hand made crafts but also t-shirts, post cards, books and many other gifts.